quality certificate iso/ts

Customers satisfaction is one of the first objectives of the Company.

Our quality management system, compliant and certified ISO/TS16949:2009 is a guarantee for our customers, who experience our desire to satisfy not only in terms of product quality, but for every service rendered to them.

The annual monitoring of the certification agency and our constant internal audits, ensures the application of the rule.

In fact, the Comind meets the requirements established by the International Automotive Task Force, the international agency that regroup the world's largest manufacturers of motor vehicles.




Comind is a very competitive company offering services for suppliers and manufacturers, mainly in the Italian automotive sector. Services can be performed in our facility or in any another location chosen by the customer.
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Resident Engineer

Our resident will represent you and will be treated as an employee of your company, will be able to solve the problems directly on the production site of your client, our resident will acts before the problems arise, reducing the possibility of loss of reputation of your company.
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