Comind is specialized in the rework of defective components, restoring the required characteristics by the technical project.

Can happen to send a bad batch or that does not implements the latest changes requested by your client: often the best solution is to intervene in the customer plant where the component is used. In this way there is no disturb to the production flow of the customer and the parties will be restored and put back in the production cycle immediately.

The components will be repaired in accordance with your requests / your client specifications. Our engineers will be in charge of examining the problem and propose the best solution to satisfy all parties. Also you can use the know-how of our engineers to extend the corrective actions to your production process.

The components will be repaired, repackaged and labeled accordingly to your needs or of the customer.

Daily and at the end of the service a detailed report will be sent to your attention with the analysis of defects found, repaired parts, time consumption, and any other information of your need.

The expertise of our operators will satisfy you but especially your customer!