On some occasions it is necessary to intervene to your customer's factory because they found anomalies in the product you provide. Most times the best solution is to make a product selection to ensure that only the parts that meet the customer requirements reach the assembly line.

The decision to outsource the activity of selection to Comind is a cheap, effective and efficient method to clear the amount of defective products that arrives to your customer and will decrease the emission of claims.

The service consists in controlling the product from the point of view of quality, quantity or aesthetics, in accordance with the technical design features and requirements of the customer / supplier.

While selecting, the non-conforming product is properly segregated to prevent that scrap parts arrive on assembly lines. The conform product is repackaged according to specifications. The identification of the products is done accordingly to customer requirements, including verification date, operator name and any other useful information.

Daily and at the end of the task, a detailed report will be sent to your attention, which includes detailed quantity information as well as defectiveness of products and any other information of your need.